Episode 5: Into the Heart of Suicide

The Parenting Human Beings Podcast was humbled and privileged to host and create the Into the Heart of Trauma Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from April 8-10, 2019 which featured Dr. Gordon Neufeld and 9 other presenters over the 3 days. In this podcast episode I release a lecture that I did at the conference on April 10, 2019 entitled Into the Heart of Suicide where I presented on the topic of suicide primarily through the lens of Dr. Neufeld’s attachment based developmental paradigm while weaving my personal journey and insights throughout and sharing how I have been touched by suicide and domestic violence in my family of origin and found healing with the help of my mentors.


Eugena Maguire is a social worker, former “struggling” foster parent and creator of the Parenting Human Beings (PHB) podcast. Limping into adulthood and trying to make sense of her own childhood and mother’s suicide, Eugena fatefully stumbled upon the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, among others. She was deeply inspired, which brought her into her current role as helper, healer, facilitator, and curious journey companion to parents, educators and any adults who care about kids. Through years of deep inner work and play, hitting the books, and healing, Eugena has discovered what drives us as human beings: our need for connection.

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Eugena W. Maguire